Edgy Gifts
for your discontent child.
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My Favorites

iPod nano 16 GB

Get your kid plugged into this 16 GB iPod nano in graphite. They listen to sad pop/rock music and you listen to the lack of their un-pleasantries.


Silicone nano case

You can't trust your kid with the gifts you give them, so protect your investments with this silicone nano case.


Noise canceling headphones white

Sometimes your kid just doesn't want to listen to you. It's ok, we do. But for them, here's a pair of noise canceling wireless, headphones in white.


Marilyn wall decal

Get your kid to add some class into their bedroom interior with this Marilyn Monroe wall decal. We don't know what the text actually says, but it looks legible.


Love you wall decal

No matter how many times they say "I hate you," fight back with this "p.s. I love you" wall decal. Stick it in their bathroom, closet, on the ceiling over their bed. Make sure they never forget.


Pink monster karaoke machine

Does your kid hate attention? Get them this portable karaoke machine so they can't be shy anywhere. The pink is an added bonus.


shutter shade glasses

These shutter shade glasses won't offer any real protection from the sun, but at least they'll take you back to the 80s.


Nerdy robot necklace

Nerd up your kid's life with these nerdy robot necklace.


Portal earrings

Travel through space or at least seem like a cool gamer with these Inter-Spatial Portal earrings.


Invisible Deck of Cards

What does one do with an invisibe deck of cards. We don't personally know or understand the use of them, but one person on the Internet said it was the best magic trick ever.


Mustache Earrings

You don't need to be a man or a hairy Persian woman to don a mustache. With these mustache earrings you can wear handle bars all the time.


Volcom Stone Webbing Belt

This is for that kid of yours whose pants are always falling down. You're welcome.


French Style Easel

Make them feel important with this French style easel. It's not only a great medium to paint on, but it also transforms into a handy club to hit someone with if they are disturbing your creative time.


Black Beret

Nothing says "I want you to perceive me as uniquely different" like a black beret. Unless you own a parrot.


Stacey Adams Felt Fedora

Be stylish and out of place with this felt fedora from Stacey Adams. You'll look classy as shit, and people won't know if you are aware of what year it is.


Sodastream Carbonator

Carbonate everything in your kitchen with this sodastream carbonator. Every drink in your life will be refreshing again.


Venetian Cat Mask

Go back to the era of masquerade balls and Marie Antoinette with this Venetian cat mask. You'll hide your identity in style while, Marie, well, she's dead actually. So it doesn't really matter what she thinks.


Star Trek Bottle Opener

Boldly go where no beer has gone before with this Star Trek inspired bottle opener. Space and beer, what more can you ask for?


Battlestar Galactica Starbuck Dog Tag

Represent your Battlestar Galactica pride with this Starbuck dog tag. And for anyone who doesn't get that reference, punch them in the face because that is what Thrace would do.


Cards Against Humanity Set

What game increases your chances of finding Princess Diana in your Chinese food? Cards Against Humanity of course. Throw away that traditional deck of cards and spice up your game night with inappropriate humor.