Edgy Gifts
for your discontent child.
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My Favorites

Fountain pen

Take your kid back time with this pen and ink fountain pen set. They’ll appreciate their iPad more, and they may start looking into the English history of pens.


Colorful Tights

Does your kid love wearing the color black? Fight back with these rainbow striped cotton leggings. They’re also footless.


Steampunk fashion shoes

Does you kid love steampunk? Chances are they do and you have no idea. Get them these fashionable, edgy shoes for a costume party.


Darjeeling stationary set

Make them appreciate the art of writing with this Indian themed stationary set.


Iota stationary set

If she wants to text, take away her phone and make her write a handwritten letter with this zigzag stationary set.


Washi Origami paper

Make your kid get a hobby with this colorful assortment of Washi Origami paper. It is great for crafting and art.


Reindeer leggings

Warm and fuzzy reindeer leggings are great for that super cozy feeling if you don't want to wear pants in public


Victoria's Secret Love Spell Body Lotion

Make your teenage daughter smell nice finally with some Victoria's Secret Love Spell Body Lotion


Colorful feather hair extensions

If she is angry, at least make sure she is colorful with this rainbow array of feather hair extensions.


Pink eyelash extensions

Let's get some Effie Trinket style up in here with these pink fake eyelash extensions. “Hunger Games” reference folks.


Chi ceramic flat iron

Does your teen have wild or crazy hair? Make then straighten it with this Chi ceramic flat iron.


Monkey tote

Who doesn't love monkeys on t-shirts on a tote? Animal activities, that’s who.


Math clock

Make your kid like math with this clock, or they will never learn the time.


TARDIS cookie jar

Who has got the cookie jar? The TARDIS does. Maybe your teen might get that "Dr. Who" reference if you guys are British.


Wine stash

Your teen shouldn't be drinking, but you should be. Make life more interesting with these wine mustaches.


Scented geeky candles

Know what space smells like? Well, now you can with these four geeky scented candles.


White swatch watch

Be stylish while telling time with this white lacquered wrist watch by Swatch.


Silicone pink watch

Your kid might not like pink that is why you should get them this silicone pink watch by Swatch and change their mind.


Nike Fuel band

This Nike+ Fuelband is a great motivator for getting in shape and your kid might like it because it lights up.



Find out how active your teen is with this Fitbit. Bonus, it also tracks sleep, so you’ll be able to tell if your teen stayed up all night talking to their “friends.”