About Us


Hi, we're Jareen and Alan. We're two Atlanta-based entrepreneurs who got tired of hearing about angry youths being mad all the time. So we were like "What can we do to make them happy?" Obviously, the answer was to set up a site where parents and whoever else on the Internet could go buy something randomly awesome while also being mildly entertained with our curated content.

You might be thinking, "How'd they build such a mind-blowing site?" Well, our backgrounds are in digital content production and web/design development, respectively. That’s a just a fancy way of saying that Jareen is a writer and producer for a media company and Alan builds and designs products for the web.

On the side we work on an array of different projects, and sporadically come up with ideas when eating too much frozen yogurt or suffering from sleep deprivation. That's how Angry Teen Gifts was formed, too much dessert and not enough sleep. Find out more about us and what we do at our business and lifestyle blog Two Chic Notice. Oh and if you want to drop us a line or have us feature a product on our site just email us at info@angryteengifts.com.