Edgy Gifts
for your discontent child.
My Favorites

Sock Monkey Jack in the Box

Relive the classic game of Jack in the Box without having a pale, horrifying clown pop out of it and freak you out.


Bullshit Button

Make sure every communication exchange is totally clear with this bullshit button. If someone comes up to you with a fictitious fact, ridiculous task or even an hyperbole of their night out, call them out and have fun in the process.


Slingshot Screaming Flying Monkey

Add a bit of disruption in the workplace with this slingshot screaming flying monkey. Not only can you unsuspectingly assault people from afar with this plush primate toy, but you can drive people over the edge with this its irate screaming.


Futurama Professor Farnsworth Action Figure

Good news everyone! You can now solve long, convoluted math problems with this Futurama's Professor Farnsworth action figure by your side and you can even nerd-gasm over his thick spectacles.


Futurama Leela as Clobberella

Nothing says you understand a person's specific taste like this Leela as Clobberella action figure. It's Futurama's ode to super-heroism without all the ethics and moral code from its characters.


Futurama Wooden Bender

Futurama fans show your love for this tragically cancelled show with this Wooden Bender. It literally makes no sense. Why is Bender made out of wood, isn't he a robot? If you need wood wouldn't it just snap? Should he really be called snapper?


Justice League Polly Pocket

Your fandom for comic book superheroes and childhood toys collides with this collectible set of Comic Con Justice League Polly Pocket figurines. It's a great gift for people who say they like comic books, but don't really know anything about them.


Decorate your own My Little Pony

Not all ponies have to sparkle. Make yours scary as a gremlin or slimy as a snail. We don't know how you would do this, but it's possible when you decorate your own My Little Pony. Destroy the concept of corporate beauty with markers!


Three-Toed Plush Sloth

Not everyone can be all rich like actress Kristen Bell and have their loving boyfriend get them a live sloth to play with on their birthday. Standup to Hollywood elites and their exotic pets and get this three-toed plush sloth. It's almost like the real thing since it isn't alive and real sloths are SUPER slow at moving.


Furby in black

If you grew up in the 90s then you will appreciate the living and loving existence of Furbies! Furbies are almost like having a pet, only they cannot love you unconditionally because they are not alive. So, recreate that feeling for your teen as well. If they want a puppy, give them a Furby.


Game of Thrones Daenerys Cartoon Doll

Love Game of Thrones, but don't know how to properly display your passion for the show at the work place? Get this Daenerys toy. It's cute and doesn't have any gratuitous sexual references.


Game of Thrones Jon Snow Cartoon Doll

Who doesn't want to hug Game of Throne's Jon Snow? Probably his mom, but at least you can show this inanimate toy your affection.