Edgy Gifts
for your discontent child.
My Favorites

Brocade Corset with Chain

This is a corset. It has no practical use in modern day society unless you are trying to artificially shrink a woman's waist so that she can fit into an unrealistically tiny Victorian dress. But it will definitely turn heads if you wear it out.


Machinist Costume Goggles

Looking for a way to make yourself seem a bit more vintage? Try out these machinist costume goggles. They won't protect your from wielding sparks, but at least you might look fashionable while you are on fire.


Alice in Wonderland Steampunk pocket watch

Follow the rabbit down the hole and never be late for a Queen's beheading again with this Alice in Wonderland inspired steampunk pocket watch and necklace.


Steampunk fashion shoes

Does you kid love steampunk? Chances are they do and you have no idea. Get them these fashionable, edgy shoes for a costume party.


Hunger Games Mockingjay Earrings

Brooches are so Victorian. Feed your "Hunger Games" fandom with this pair of mockingjay earrings.


Gold Digital Print Leggings

Dancing gets electronic with this pair of digitally inspired gold printed leggings.