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for your discontent child.
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My Favorites

Edgar Allan Poe Vinyl

Celebrate the depression that is accompanied with being a poet in the Victorian era with this Edgar Allan Poe Vinyl, which is part of the Vinyl Writer's Series.


Shakespeare "Insult" Playing Cards

See how smart your English Literature friends really are when you test their knowledge of Shakespeare insults with this deck of playing cards. Bonus! If you are a middle school teacher this might get your kids interested in classical literature, even if you're teaching them insults for tomfoolery.


Galileo Galilei Finger Puppet.

Force people to appreciate science and history at the same time with this Galileo Galilei finger puppet. It's also a magnet so you can stick it next to someone riding on the public bus and strike up an unexpected conservation about telescopes.


Alice in Wonderland Steampunk pocket watch

Follow the rabbit down the hole and never be late for a Queen's beheading again with this Alice in Wonderland inspired steampunk pocket watch and necklace.


Plain Moleskine notebook

This plain crafting notebook is perfect for journaling feelings


Fountain pen

Take your kid back time with this pen and ink fountain pen set. They’ll appreciate their iPad more, and they may start looking into the English history of pens.


Darjeeling stationary set

Make them appreciate the art of writing with this Indian themed stationary set.


Iota stationary set

If she wants to text, take away her phone and make her write a handwritten letter with this zigzag stationary set.