Edgy Gifts
for your discontent child.
My Favorites

Hanging succulent

Clean up your air space with this hanging starfish succulent.


Math clock

Make your kid like math with this clock, or they will never learn the time.


TARDIS cookie jar

Who has got the cookie jar? The TARDIS does. Maybe your teen might get that "Dr. Who" reference if you guys are British.


Wine stash

Your teen shouldn't be drinking, but you should be. Make life more interesting with these wine mustaches.


Scented geeky candles

Know what space smells like? Well, now you can with these four geeky scented candles.


Marilyn wall decal

Get your kid to add some class into their bedroom interior with this Marilyn Monroe wall decal. We don't know what the text actually says, but it looks legible.


Love you wall decal

No matter how many times they say "I hate you," fight back with this "p.s. I love you" wall decal. Stick it in their bathroom, closet, on the ceiling over their bed. Make sure they never forget.


French Style Easel

Make them feel important with this French style easel. It's not only a great medium to paint on, but it also transforms into a handy club to hit someone with if they are disturbing your creative time.