Edgy Gifts
for your discontent child.
My Favorites

Heisenberg Stash Box

Make sure your stash of crystal -- jewels -- is safe in this Breaking Bad inspired Heisenberg stash box.


Bullshit Button

Make sure every communication exchange is totally clear with this bullshit button. If someone comes up to you with a fictitious fact, ridiculous task or even an hyperbole of their night out, call them out and have fun in the process.


Slingshot Screaming Flying Monkey

Add a bit of disruption in the workplace with this slingshot screaming flying monkey. Not only can you unsuspectingly assault people from afar with this plush primate toy, but you can drive people over the edge with this its irate screaming.


Bacon Bandage

Make every boo boo more enjoyable with these bacon bandages. Not much more to say here, they're just bandages that look like bacon stripes.


Shakespeare "Insult" Playing Cards

See how smart your English Literature friends really are when you test their knowledge of Shakespeare insults with this deck of playing cards. Bonus! If you are a middle school teacher this might get your kids interested in classical literature, even if you're teaching them insults for tomfoolery.


Canned Unicorn Meat

Sometimes nice things have to die. That is why canned unicorn meat exists. Give it to your kids when they disappoint you.


Magical Unicorn Mask

Make every encounter with a stranger more memorable with this magical unicorn mask. It's the perfect get-a-way disguise for when you are trying to escape your irate significant other or when you rob a candy store full of babies.


Invisible Deck of Cards

What does one do with an invisibe deck of cards. We don't personally know or understand the use of them, but one person on the Internet said it was the best magic trick ever.