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for your discontent child.
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My Favorites

Brocade Corset with Chain

This is a corset. It has no practical use in modern day society unless you are trying to artificially shrink a woman's waist so that she can fit into an unrealistically tiny Victorian dress. But it will definitely turn heads if you wear it out.


Machinist Costume Goggles

Looking for a way to make yourself seem a bit more vintage? Try out these machinist costume goggles. They won't protect your from wielding sparks, but at least you might look fashionable while you are on fire.


Mountain Kittens T-shirt

Nothing says class like a picturesque portrait of a mountain of kittens stacked on top of each other, unless you wear that masterpiece boldly as a t-shirt.


Three Wolf Moon T-shirt

When you are a part of an anti-corporation demonstration against big oil companies you're going to wish you had this three wolf moon t-shirt. Show people you can be iconoclastic, but also uniquely fashionable with this trendy hipster staple.


Skeleton Tights

Help your teen hide their boney, protruding knees with these black tights, which feature skulls at the kneecaps.


Colorful Tights

Does your kid love wearing the color black? Fight back with these rainbow striped cotton leggings. They’re also footless.


Steampunk fashion shoes

Does you kid love steampunk? Chances are they do and you have no idea. Get them these fashionable, edgy shoes for a costume party.


Reindeer leggings

Warm and fuzzy reindeer leggings are great for that super cozy feeling if you don't want to wear pants in public


Colorful feather hair extensions

If she is angry, at least make sure she is colorful with this rainbow array of feather hair extensions.


Pink eyelash extensions

Let's get some Effie Trinket style up in here with these pink fake eyelash extensions. “Hunger Games” reference folks.


Chi ceramic flat iron

Does your teen have wild or crazy hair? Make then straighten it with this Chi ceramic flat iron.


Monkey tote

Who doesn't love monkeys on t-shirts on a tote? Animal activities, that’s who.


White swatch watch

Be stylish while telling time with this white lacquered wrist watch by Swatch.


Silicone pink watch

Your kid might not like pink that is why you should get them this silicone pink watch by Swatch and change their mind.


Marilyn wall decal

Get your kid to add some class into their bedroom interior with this Marilyn Monroe wall decal. We don't know what the text actually says, but it looks legible.


shutter shade glasses

These shutter shade glasses won't offer any real protection from the sun, but at least they'll take you back to the 80s.


Nerdy robot necklace

Nerd up your kid's life with these nerdy robot necklace.


Portal earrings

Travel through space or at least seem like a cool gamer with these Inter-Spatial Portal earrings.


Mustache Earrings

You don't need to be a man or a hairy Persian woman to don a mustache. With these mustache earrings you can wear handle bars all the time.


Volcom Stone Webbing Belt

This is for that kid of yours whose pants are always falling down. You're welcome.