Edgy Gifts
for your discontent child.
My Favorites

Electronic Pictionary Man Game

Do you like your friends? Enough to draw with them for hours? If not, get this Electronic Pictionary Man Game, it runs on batteries which means it has to be fun.


Furby in black

If you grew up in the 90s then you will appreciate the living and loving existence of Furbies! Furbies are almost like having a pet, only they cannot love you unconditionally because they are not alive. So, recreate that feeling for your teen as well. If they want a puppy, give them a Furby.


Mobi Skully Micro Portable Speakers

If you are looking for a mini speaker that is a bit more edgy, than go for the "Mobi Skully Headphonies Designer Micro Portable Speakers." There are so many words in that name that we aren't even sure what it's supposed to mean. But it looks awesome because it's like a cute skeleton of a little person.


Imixid Audiobot

The Imixid Audiobot is the perfect mini speaker for your office cubical when you want to listen to some sensual beats from your iPod. It's cute and cuddly -- oh wait -- it's plastic. That's ok, it comes with a beanie that you can graze with your fingers.


Chi ceramic flat iron

Does your teen have wild or crazy hair? Make then straighten it with this Chi ceramic flat iron.


Nike Fuel band

This Nike+ Fuelband is a great motivator for getting in shape and your kid might like it because it lights up.



Find out how active your teen is with this Fitbit. Bonus, it also tracks sleep, so you’ll be able to tell if your teen stayed up all night talking to their “friends.”


iPod nano 16 GB

Get your kid plugged into this 16 GB iPod nano in graphite. They listen to sad pop/rock music and you listen to the lack of their un-pleasantries.


Silicone nano case

You can't trust your kid with the gifts you give them, so protect your investments with this silicone nano case.


Noise canceling headphones white

Sometimes your kid just doesn't want to listen to you. It's ok, we do. But for them, here's a pair of noise canceling wireless, headphones in white.


Pink monster karaoke machine

Does your kid hate attention? Get them this portable karaoke machine so they can't be shy anywhere. The pink is an added bonus.


Sodastream Carbonator

Carbonate everything in your kitchen with this sodastream carbonator. Every drink in your life will be refreshing again.