Edgy Gifts
for your discontent child.
My Favorites

Walter Winter Action Figure

Show off your inner criminal with this Walter White Heisenberg action figure. It doesn't really do anything except look like a total bad ass.


Heisenberg Stash Box

Make sure your stash of crystal -- jewels -- is safe in this Breaking Bad inspired Heisenberg stash box.


Edgar Allan Poe Vinyl

Celebrate the depression that is accompanied with being a poet in the Victorian era with this Edgar Allan Poe Vinyl, which is part of the Vinyl Writer's Series.


Game of Thrones Daenerys Cartoon Doll

Love Game of Thrones, but don't know how to properly display your passion for the show at the work place? Get this Daenerys toy. It's cute and doesn't have any gratuitous sexual references.


Game of Thrones Jon Snow Cartoon Doll

Who doesn't want to hug Game of Throne's Jon Snow? Probably his mom, but at least you can show this inanimate toy your affection.


Hunger Games Katniss Arena Jacket

Fight off tributes and the rain with this "Hunger Games" inspired Katniss arena jacket. It's a must for your adolescent daughter. And don't make fun of her for liking the "Hunger Games." At least she is reading.


Wonder Woman vintage lunchbox

Show people you can appreciate a classic with this Wonder Woman vintage lunchbox. Seriously, collectable tin lunch boxes are so right now.