Edgy Gifts
for your discontent child.
My Favorites

Chicken Costume Mask

Everyone loves a deranged unicorn or horse mask, but chickens can also look totally crazed too. Spend a night striking avian fever with this mask.


Koala bear 4GB Flash drive

Store up to 4GB of random bits of information into this cuddly piece of plastic that is shaped to look like a inflated koala bear.


Decorate your own My Little Pony

Not all ponies have to sparkle. Make yours scary as a gremlin or slimy as a snail. We don't know how you would do this, but it's possible when you decorate your own My Little Pony. Destroy the concept of corporate beauty with markers!


Mountain Kittens T-shirt

Nothing says class like a picturesque portrait of a mountain of kittens stacked on top of each other, unless you wear that masterpiece boldly as a t-shirt.


Three Wolf Moon T-shirt

When you are a part of an anti-corporation demonstration against big oil companies you're going to wish you had this three wolf moon t-shirt. Show people you can be iconoclastic, but also uniquely fashionable with this trendy hipster staple.


Canned Unicorn Meat

Sometimes nice things have to die. That is why canned unicorn meat exists. Give it to your kids when they disappoint you.


Magical Unicorn Mask

Make every encounter with a stranger more memorable with this magical unicorn mask. It's the perfect get-a-way disguise for when you are trying to escape your irate significant other or when you rob a candy store full of babies.


Three-Toed Plush Sloth

Not everyone can be all rich like actress Kristen Bell and have their loving boyfriend get them a live sloth to play with on their birthday. Standup to Hollywood elites and their exotic pets and get this three-toed plush sloth. It's almost like the real thing since it isn't alive and real sloths are SUPER slow at moving.


Monkey tote

Who doesn't love monkeys on t-shirts on a tote? Animal activities, that’s who.


Unicorn T-shirt

Who remembers wearing this awkward shirt in elementary school? Is it just us? Wear unicorns ironically with this fairytale purple design.