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My Favorites

Shakespeare "Insult" Playing Cards

See how smart your English Literature friends really are when you test their knowledge of Shakespeare insults with this deck of playing cards. Bonus! If you are a middle school teacher this might get your kids interested in classical literature, even if you're teaching them insults for tomfoolery.


Galileo Galilei Finger Puppet.

Force people to appreciate science and history at the same time with this Galileo Galilei finger puppet. It's also a magnet so you can stick it next to someone riding on the public bus and strike up an unexpected conservation about telescopes.


Futurama Professor Farnsworth Action Figure

Good news everyone! You can now solve long, convoluted math problems with this Futurama's Professor Farnsworth action figure by your side and you can even nerd-gasm over his thick spectacles.


Futurama Leela as Clobberella

Nothing says you understand a person's specific taste like this Leela as Clobberella action figure. It's Futurama's ode to super-heroism without all the ethics and moral code from its characters.


Futurama Wooden Bender

Futurama fans show your love for this tragically cancelled show with this Wooden Bender. It literally makes no sense. Why is Bender made out of wood, isn't he a robot? If you need wood wouldn't it just snap? Should he really be called snapper?


Brocade Corset with Chain

This is a corset. It has no practical use in modern day society unless you are trying to artificially shrink a woman's waist so that she can fit into an unrealistically tiny Victorian dress. But it will definitely turn heads if you wear it out.


Machinist Costume Goggles

Looking for a way to make yourself seem a bit more vintage? Try out these machinist costume goggles. They won't protect your from wielding sparks, but at least you might look fashionable while you are on fire.


Justice League Polly Pocket

Your fandom for comic book superheroes and childhood toys collides with this collectible set of Comic Con Justice League Polly Pocket figurines. It's a great gift for people who say they like comic books, but don't really know anything about them.


Mountain Kittens T-shirt

Nothing says class like a picturesque portrait of a mountain of kittens stacked on top of each other, unless you wear that masterpiece boldly as a t-shirt.


Skeleton Tights

Help your teen hide their boney, protruding knees with these black tights, which feature skulls at the kneecaps.


Steampunk fashion shoes

Does you kid love steampunk? Chances are they do and you have no idea. Get them these fashionable, edgy shoes for a costume party.


Math clock

Make your kid like math with this clock, or they will never learn the time.


TARDIS cookie jar

Who has got the cookie jar? The TARDIS does. Maybe your teen might get that "Dr. Who" reference if you guys are British.


Scented geeky candles

Know what space smells like? Well, now you can with these four geeky scented candles.


Nerdy robot necklace

Nerd up your kid's life with these nerdy robot necklace.


Portal earrings

Travel through space or at least seem like a cool gamer with these Inter-Spatial Portal earrings.


Star Trek Bottle Opener

Boldly go where no beer has gone before with this Star Trek inspired bottle opener. Space and beer, what more can you ask for?


Battlestar Galactica Starbuck Dog Tag

Represent your Battlestar Galactica pride with this Starbuck dog tag. And for anyone who doesn't get that reference, punch them in the face because that is what Thrace would do.


Cards Against Humanity Set

What game increases your chances of finding Princess Diana in your Chinese food? Cards Against Humanity of course. Throw away that traditional deck of cards and spice up your game night with inappropriate humor.


Game of Thrones Daenerys Cartoon Doll

Love Game of Thrones, but don't know how to properly display your passion for the show at the work place? Get this Daenerys toy. It's cute and doesn't have any gratuitous sexual references.