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My Favorites

Walter Winter Action Figure

Show off your inner criminal with this Walter White Heisenberg action figure. It doesn't really do anything except look like a total bad ass.


Heisenberg Stash Box

Make sure your stash of crystal -- jewels -- is safe in this Breaking Bad inspired Heisenberg stash box.


Hanging succulent

Clean up your air space with this hanging starfish succulent.


Ninja Mug

Start your morning off with this stealthy ninja mug.


Dial-a-drink shaker

You can be a cocktail shaking master with this dial-a-drink shaker. With 15 different recipes you'll always be interesting at your dinner parties.


Portal Bookends

Get in and out of your bookshelf with these portal bookends.


Chicken Costume Mask

Everyone loves a deranged unicorn or horse mask, but chickens can also look totally crazed too. Spend a night striking avian fever with this mask.


Glitter Eyeliner

Look flashy and maybe blind a person or two with this rainbow collection of of glittery eyeliner. It's perfect for clubbing, your cat or telling your single mom to get out on the town.


Woody Allen Movie Collection

Spend a night, week or month with some film appreciation with this collection of Woody Allen movies. Nothing is more exciting than watching people say smart quirky things in small places unless it is in real life.


Origami Bird Necklace

This elegant necklace is pretty enough to wear to out to a nice dinner or just stare at in the mirror.


Chocolate Cigars

We can't all be like Hemingway and vacation in Cuba, actually it's pretty hard to do that anyway, but treat yourself and your friends to something semi-nice with these chocolate cigars.


Sock Monkey Jack in the Box

Relive the classic game of Jack in the Box without having a pale, horrifying clown pop out of it and freak you out.


Bullshit Button

Make sure every communication exchange is totally clear with this bullshit button. If someone comes up to you with a fictitious fact, ridiculous task or even an hyperbole of their night out, call them out and have fun in the process.


Slingshot Screaming Flying Monkey

Add a bit of disruption in the workplace with this slingshot screaming flying monkey. Not only can you unsuspectingly assault people from afar with this plush primate toy, but you can drive people over the edge with this its irate screaming.


Edgar Allan Poe Vinyl

Celebrate the depression that is accompanied with being a poet in the Victorian era with this Edgar Allan Poe Vinyl, which is part of the Vinyl Writer's Series.


Bacon Bandage

Make every boo boo more enjoyable with these bacon bandages. Not much more to say here, they're just bandages that look like bacon stripes.


Shakespeare "Insult" Playing Cards

See how smart your English Literature friends really are when you test their knowledge of Shakespeare insults with this deck of playing cards. Bonus! If you are a middle school teacher this might get your kids interested in classical literature, even if you're teaching them insults for tomfoolery.


Galileo Galilei Finger Puppet.

Force people to appreciate science and history at the same time with this Galileo Galilei finger puppet. It's also a magnet so you can stick it next to someone riding on the public bus and strike up an unexpected conservation about telescopes.


Futurama Professor Farnsworth Action Figure

Good news everyone! You can now solve long, convoluted math problems with this Futurama's Professor Farnsworth action figure by your side and you can even nerd-gasm over his thick spectacles.